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AI Services by Tektronix TECHNOLOGIES

AI Software and Model Development

Full-cycle development of custom AI models based on Deep and Machine Learning algorithms, including Data Science research, training, validation, testing

AI Dev Ops

Comprehensive infrastructure management for Machine Learning workloads

AI-driven Big Data Solutions

Architecture design and implementation for Enterprise Big Data solutions

AI Solutions Lifecycle Management

Implementation of AI application life-cycle management and CI/CD


On-the-Edge AI

ML models customization for on-the-edge device deployment


Establish integration with AI-ready cloud platforms and third-party APIs

Ai Solutions

Our Expertise

Image Processing & Video Analytics

  • Store and process all video streams
  • Surveillance, wearable, hand-held and other cameras integrated in one data lake platform
  • Highly-customizable video learners
  • Lightweight ML models on the edge
  • Fully automated end-to-end production process
  • Face recognition matched with other users transactions
  • Personalized image processing
  • Behavior patterns extraction
  • Detecting blacklisted persons

Machine & Deep Learning

  • Predictive maintenance algorithms for Industrial IoT platforms
  • Finance: AI driven market insights and predictions; predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Predictive algorithms for individual customer experiences (Web and Mobile)
  • AI-driven data analytics for trend-watching in Retail and other industries
  • Data mining

Natural Language Processing

  • Consumer Machine Learning Chat bots
  • Department-specific AI assistants
  • Data mining and extraction
  • Voice recognition/Voice AI
  • AVR

Data Lakes & Cloud IoT

  • Big data, Business Intelligence analytics, predictive tools, planning, generative models, and optimization tasks in one place
  • Data ecosystem architecture development
  • Distributed storage
  • Scale-ready read and write processing
  • Data cleaning processes
  • Pre-built high-level features for machine learning
  • Integration with popular cloud platforms

Our AI Services can affect Various



Image recognitions systems that monitor unsafe worker behaviour, project schedule optimizers, algorithms that help prevent downtime, and more

Retail & E-Commerce

Highly personalized customer journeys, algorithms that predict demand, automated inventory, and delivery management


Advanced virtual assistants, imagining diagnostics algorithms, predictive pandemics analytics, and other solutions

Travel & Hospitality

Personalized guest experience, virtual assistants, voice-activated services, smart on-premises alerts, and offers


AI-driven claim process, advanced customer chatbots, personalization of customer experience, predictive analytics

Logistics & Automotive

Smart traffic control, engine monitoring and predictive maintenance, semi-autonomous functionality

Tektronix Technologies Ai Solutions

Case Studies

Tektronix technologies Ai has built a reputation upon its legacy of perfection and complete customer satisfaction.  With several solutions provided to a variety of clients, all coming from various industries, Tektronix technologies Ai has successfully deployed multiple projects all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi and major UAE giants.

Using AI Edge Computing Cameras for Traffic Counting under the TekTraffic Product.

Tektronix technologies Ai Solutions, in collaboration with On Sight Tektronix technologies Edge Computing Cameras, works faster than old traffic analysis techniques. With Over 20 various Traffic Surveys, being able to classify over 10 different styles of vehicles.

Using Ai, Thermal Image Processing to ensure the visitors are wearing a mask thus combating COVID-19

Tektronix technologies Ai was integrated with our High definition cameras, to ensure that the visitors entering premises are of the appropriate body temperature and are wearing a face mask. Thus combating and preventing the spread of COVID-19

Tektronix technologies Ai, Used to Ensure the proper social Distance protocols are maintained to stop the spread of COVID-19

Tektronix technologies Ai, was integrated with our High definition CCTV cameras to constantly monitor offices and shops to ensure that the Social distancing protocols are followed by two or more individuals, thus stopping the spread of COVID-19 and avoiding Government-regulated fines.

Tektronix technologies Ai designed facial recognition, to grant touch-less and seamless access and to take quick body temp which prevents the spread of COVID-19

Facial recognition panels, integrated with Ai system, were used to grant seamless and touch-less access to visitors and employees alike. These Panels were working alongside the Tektronix technologies  Visitor management system. They were also designed to take quick and accurate body temperatures.